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CHERRY- Committed to environmental sustainability

Consistent protection of our environment is a declared goal of CHERRY and an integral part of our corporate policy. From green procurement to environmentally-sound and energy efficient production, to near-complete recycling of our products at the end of their lifecycle- environmental protection is the green thread that runs through all of our business operations. Headquartered in a region renowned for its water conservation, CHERRY is subject to special production requirements by the German regulatory authorities- which is why clean production methods are always utilized.

Taking into account the international REACH and RoHS guidelines, consideration is already being given in selecting environmentally friendly material. This also includes avoiding so-called "conflict minerals" and implementing optimized transport routes in the supply chain. The detailed designs of our products are geared towards energy-efficient production and an almost complete recycling concept. Thanks to competent disposal partners, this also includes the recycling of obsolete production facilities: "Scrapping" becomes "disassembly and reuse. " Efficient. Environmentally friendly. Cost-optimized. CHERRY has pioneered the certification of sustainable keyboards with the "Blue Angel" eco-label, and CHERRY is still committed to preserving the world’s oldest environmental label for our products, which are characterized by:

  • A high standard of quality and unparalleled product longevity
  • A recycling-friendly construction
  • Conformance to standardized ergonomic requirements

Even the best quality eventually comes to the end of usability, when a keyboard or a mouse reaches the end of its life cycle. Our products, including their packaging, are then to be recycled, at no cost to the end user. CHERRY has concluded the necessary contracts with competent service providers to secure the country-specific system participation.

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